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Polyethylene is one of the most sought-after plastics accounting for approximately 34% of the total plastics market.  These polymers have good chemical resistance, high toughness and tensile strength, as well as good electrical insulating properties. This means they can be processed by virtually any technique and for widespread application. For this they can be considered as the most important group of polymers in today’s market.



(LLDPE) Large Application:
Large Application (2).jpg

Roto-grade compounds for large applications are specifically created to have high stiffness and rigidity with excellent impact and thermal strength. This compound is carefully formulated and can be made to be abrasion resistant and UV resistant, ideal for outdoor use. Typical applications include:

  • Large Water Tanks (5,000-22,500 Litres)                              

  • Agricultural Storage Tanks

  • Kayaks

  • Swimming Pool Applications

  • Pet Products

  • Fuel Tanks

  • Automotive Parts

(LLDPE) Medium Application:
Medium Application.jpg

Roto-grade compounds for medium applications are created to consist of high stiffness and good impact strength. Combine this with high thermal stability, excellent chemical resistance and UV protection, your products will be safe and durable for outdoor use.

  • Material Handling Equipment                             

  • Medium Water Tanks (1,000-5,000 Litres)

  • Intermediate Bulk Containers

  • Diesel Fuel Tanks

  • Boat & Tractor Parts

  • Automotive Parts

(LLDPE) Small Application:
Small Application.jpg

Roto-grade compounds for small application are known for their high impact strength and low warpage. Our compounds are specially formulated for your application and can include UV stabilization, color specific matching, high melt flows for intricate shapes.

  • Cooler Boxes

  • Portable Containers

  • General Purpose Moulding

  • Small Industrial Parts

  • Intricate Automotive Articles 

  • Material Handling Containers

  • Fish Bins

  • Decorative Items

  • Lawn and Garden Articles

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Our plant is fitted with state of the art extrusion, pulverizing and mixing lines that can manufacture a widespread of material applications, ensuring your specifications as a customer are met at all times. 

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